High Five!

Oh my God!! I can’t believe it, I spent 5 years? Yesterday I completed my 5 years at JSPL, Raigarh. It seems it is the yesterday’s incident, when I joined as Management Trainee in 2011. Time flies so fast very correctly said by someone, now I’m realizing it.

During my tenure, I got exposed to Zero based Budgeting, Employee engagement activities, Succession planning framework, assessing behavioral competency of employees via Development Centres, Talent Development, Compensation & Benefits, HRIS & Monthly Information system. For my better grooming and development, in May 15 I have been internally rotated to Talent Development vertical of HR. In this vertical, I got an opportunity to look after training of employees along with orientation/ induction of new joinees for familiarization with JSPL, organizing summer internship for college students and facilitating plant visit for nearby colleges.

Prior to Talent Development, I thought now I would get some time for myself but I was wrong. Facilitation and coordination of training for employees is more hectic than my previous job profile. In PMS  & OD, I was toggling between sheets in excel and playing with smart arts , charts in ppt. but now I am busy in drafting various notification for n nos. of trainings.

Recently JSPL has initiated a game-changing Process Based Organization study which would lead to improved process efficiencies, greater customer-centricity and optimal utilization of resources to create a Process Based Organisation (PBO). This is a holistic approach which provides for the well-being of the organisation as well as that of the individual. This makes employees fungible by becoming multi-skilled with multi-functional expertise to widen their horizons of competencies and advancement of their career growth.  It is the concept where organization structure will be based on Process instead of Functions. In this process, one HPPT (High Performance process team) will be responsible for every activities in shift, be it operations, mechanical or electrical maintenance. In this concept, Electrical members will learn Mechanical and then Operations in a HPPT. Mechanical members will learn Operations and then Electrical in a HPPT. Operators will learn Mechanical and then Electrical in a HPPT. In a nutshell, it is all about learning three distinct functions. It is mandatory to learn three skills & gradually functions for every employee. Initially it was difficult for all of us to adopt this new change but gradually we successfully adapted.

In this vertical, i.e Talent Development I learnt how to identify training needs of employees, content designing, trainer identification, venue, menu arrangement and finally preparation of Training Calendar. Although I did the same work during my internship at JUSCO (subsidiary of TATA) when I was in my masters.

I am writing after 2 years, nothing much has changed. I am still the same girl as 2014. Not even changed my hairstyle. A little more confident, tactful result oriented than before. I tried to be manipulative and fake but literally I failed. I bought my 1st smart phone in Dec14so bit more tech savvy and learnt to use many more apps like whatsApp, online shopping through apps, reading articles on phone. I person there is not much change but organization wise I got new RO / Boss due to my internal switching along with new Reviewer/ HOD due to his job rotation. It was quite challenging to handle 2 new bosses however it is good to work with different mindset of people. Prior to all these changes, I got new boss in end Dec 14when I was associated with PMS. That period from Dec 14 to April 15 was an eye opening period for me. I never thought of such situation will ever happen in my life but unfortunately it happened. No issues, I believe in “jo hi hota hai, wo acche ke liye hota hai.”

In my last post, I wrote will focus on work life balance and I am happy that I did this well (visited home 7 times in last 2 yrs as compared to 3 in 3 yrs. Plus went on vacation to Raipur, Bilaspur and Puri with colleagues. Also attended 1 colleague’s wedding.)

Let’s see when I would get next occasion to post my new experiences!!

Yee-haw!! Now I eligible for Gratuity!!
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