Wonderful three years at JSPL, Raigarh

On 18th July 2014, I have completed my golden 3 years @ JSPL, Raigarh!

We can’t have the beauty & miracle of new life without going through the hardship; this is my feeling after 3 yrs of my professional life. When I had joined this organization lots of questions came to my mind, and I wondered once how and what to do under this totally new situation. But gradually I understood what to do. I began to feel much more clarity regarding the things that I need to do and how to do them. There are people who tried to screw me badly. There were times that nibble at and destroy the positive moments of life! At the end of the day all I need to have hopes & strengths. Hope that it will get better and strengths to hold on until it do. I thought to quit but with my patience & perseverance I coped up. I have made blunders, to rectify past blunders is impossible, but might profit by the experience of them. It was a good learning experience with heaps of ups & downs. From the experience of the past I derived instructive lessons for the future. I learnt great things by little experiences.

Here I got respect from people, got all the facilities that I had never thought of! I have been provided with well furnished flat which made me feel at home, good roommates, good food, spa to relax, swimming pool to rejuvenate my energies, gym to keep myself fit, auditorium to watch new movies and shopping complex to buy my daily needs etc. Whenever people greet me anywhere whether at work or on road, a smile appears on my face making me feel proud and let me think how my life transitioned from a juvenile college going girl to a working woman. Now I realized I am getting more and more mature. Earlier decisions were taken on my behalf but now I am taking my own decisions, people are consulting me, taking opinions. Nothing teaches us better than our own experiences, very aptly said by someone. During my early days, it was difficult for me to adjust but slowly I changed myself & tried to blend with surroundings. There was a time I used to keep every work on urgent but now I learnt to differentiate between urgent & important, to prioritize things. Every now and then I believe that work will go in vain if I don’t care but there is nothing like that time moves with its own pace. This may sound retrograde, but I think it rings so true!

Everything was on priority except my life; I neglected my personal life, I need to negotiate better work life balance. According to me, work - life balance is about being focused and dedicated in everything we do. It is also about enjoying the varied experiences that life has to offer. My purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. I feel more light-hearted and relaxed, I also feel a greater sense of confidence and determination with the things that I'm doing. It has been a gradual, but wonderful change from the heart.

Since I have been associated with Performance Management & Organization Development section so I have learnt lots of new things related to the subject. My work profile includes Budget tracking v/s approved budget, provisioning, HRIS, ensuring effective Performance Management, Strengthening Rewards & Recognition Initiatives, assuring Employee Engagement, Talent Acquisition & Deployment, Liaise with institutes for admission of employees under Sabbaticals, taking care of employees’ well being by facilitating Executive Health Checkup, Branding HR by participating in various awards, publishing articles, magazines Yatra – an odyssey of Success capturing employees’ proud moments etc.

Sometimes I think that whatever I am doing is of no importance but then suddenly an appreciation from my boss gave an impression that we are often being watched even when we don't realize it. Seniors appreciated me for working to the best of my ability. I am happy that I have been rewarded as Executive of the Month in December 2013.

The last thing that I would like to share is regarding the importance of always conducting ourselves in a righteous manner in every environment; never blame anyone in life, focus less on what is outside and search for happiness within. I applied my mantra of treating others as I like to be treated by others.

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to share my experiences. All these moments will be cherished by me lifelong as worth remembrance!
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