Optimum Use of Resources

Following are some suggestions for optimising the use of resources in the development of education:

¤ Sharing of resources among academic institutions to encourage research.

¤ Create a consortium of all academic institutions and provide electronic access to libraries.

¤ Share the lab infrastructure and resources for joint research.

¤ Share best practices on delivery, governance and administration.

¤ Promote larger classroom and smaller tutorial groups (these can be introduced through internet) helping and addressing large class sizes.

¤ There should be a separate mechanism for monitoring PPP in place, perhaps through an independent cell.

¤ Fundamental changes are needed in the education system across K-12 and university level education.

¤ Define quality of schools to ensure that schools are not rated on results alone. School leadership, teacher empowerment and parent participation should be part of quality assessment.

¤ Need to understand applications along with concept at school education level.

¤ Create awareness for giving importance to vocational training.

¤ Integrate technology and pedagogy to enhance quality and reach of education.

¤ Encourage life-long learners - suggestion to consider on-the-job PhDs based on work credit recognition and entrepreneurship.

¤ Build education cluster which offer research and development, collaboration between industry and educational institutions. Industry should have a wider perspective where it should help in honing the skills of students and not merely look at their own requirement.

¤ Look at global good practice where optimum utilisation of resources is practiced. For example, in Germany, there are seven technical universities each having about 20,000-30,000 students. The number is several times more than Indian universities. We need more students and fewer factulties by using advanced technology.

¤ Contest libraries to accomodate electronic mode of publications. A consortium of universities will be cost effective and increase the resource base.

¤ Evaluate teachers to attract the best talent and their continued professional development. Recognition and remuneration should be done by evaluating the way they teach. At times they become stagnant in their learning. External assessment will raise the bar on quality.

By Shruti Vandana
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