Advantage India

Thanks to its adaptability, such as language, IT is to be an intrinsic participant in India's growth story. For example, multilingual IT solutions can be devised for the agrarian population in rural India.
The total broadband subscriber base rose to 6.8 million in July 2009, us by 2.7 per cent. On the other hand, the number of fixed line and mobile connections crossed the 550-million mark with mobile subscriber alone 500 million, giving India a teledensity of 45 per cent.
At the same time internet has become the fastest growing medium in the media and entertainment industry, which has seen grown phenomenally in the last decade.
According to Indian Telecom Analysis (2008-12), the telecom sector in India will maintain its growth rate in future despite the global economic downturn. The growth will be driven by the expanding mobile subscriber base which has outperformed all other segments of the industry in terms of growth rate. The mobile subscriber base is projected to reach around 800 million users by 2014 and is forecast to grow at more than 15 per cent during 2009-13, propelled by low call rates, increased level of infrastructure and technological advancements.
As daily life gets more and more dependent on the speed and efficiency of the web - be it in social networking, business, accessing news and information, writing mails and communication, or even in managing one's finances - the need is for multiple-point accessibility that can be shared and recovered 24/7. Therefore, the need for cloud computing is felt all the more.
The speed that world wide web has to be matched with systems that not only match this feature but also allow portability.
It would not make much sense to have a desktop installed in a company, without its management having the ability to access its web-ability on the move. Space is at a premium and the need for its right use has never been felt before as in the post-meltdown times.
Therefore, notebooks, netbooks, nettops and MIDS are the need of the times, with their ability to converge voice and data for full-fledged computing.
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