Personnel Management or Human Resource Management - Definition

Modern organisational setting is characterized by constant change relating to the environmental forces and human resources. Environmental factors are related to economic, political and social patterns in which organisations exist. Human resource factors includes include changes in affecting employment relationship. Management of human resources is known as human resource management or personnel management, it is a part of management process. Personnel management is concerned with human problems of an organization so that individuals can make their maximum contribution to accomplishment of common goals and at the same time attain social satisfaction.
"Personnel function is concerned with the procurement, development, compensation, integration and maintenance of an organisation toward the accomplishment of the organisation's major goals and policies." 
- E. P. Flippo
"Personnel management is that phase of management which deals with the effective control and use of manpower as distinguished from other sources of power."
- Dale Yoder
"Personnel management is the recruitment- selection, development, utilization of accommodation to human resources by organisations. The human resources of an organisation consist of all individuals regardless of their role, who is engaged in any of the organizations activities."
- French Definition
"Personnel management is that part of management function which is primarily concerned with human relationship in an organisation, its objective is the maintenance of those relationships which enable all those engaged in the undertaking to make their maximum contribution to the effective working of that undertaking."
- Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta
"Personnel management is the art of acquiring, developing and maintaining a competent work force in such a manner as to accomplish with maximum efficiency and economy the functions and objective of the organisation."
- Society of Personnel Administration of America
"Personnel management is that aspect of having as its goal the effective utilization of the labour resources of an organisation."
- Paul G. Hastings
"Personnel management is a part of the management process which is primarily concerned with human constituents of the organisations."
- Oliver Sheldon
"Personnel administration is a method of developing the potentialities of employees so that they get maximum satisfaction out of their work and give their best efforts to the organisation."
- P. Pigours & Charles A. Myers
From the definitions it can be inferred that human resource management is that practical branch of management which is related to procurement of human resource, training, and developing them , organising and coordinating them and developing the cordial human relation in the organisation.
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