Third Semester at KSOM

Tomorrow on 23rd Dec, my third semester exams will begin; the semester was quite hectic, brainstorming 8 AM to 9 PM classes, multiple deadlines, placement dilemma, group presentations, role plays, quizzes, mentor-mentee meetings, special sessions, corporate talks, guest lectures... well list is almost endless. It was a horrible (learning) experience for me. Worse thing is, many of my friends have been placed already and I am still in queue, well one more semester is ahead let me hope for the best. First year was all about fundamental knowledge of management, this year we started work on building our competencies more visible. My specialisation is HR and Marketing (major and minor respectively), after going through this semester I feel equally competent in T&D and Labour Laws. As my work domain of OJT (on job training) was T&D so feeling little more comfortable with T&D issues and cases.

FUN ALMOST NILL: To spend durga puja vacations reached home; first time I took a journey from college to home to college with friends only (no family members) yippee now I am a big girl in my dad's eye. Here in Bhubaneswar I visited Nandan Kanan and two nearby temples only in past half year. My own and my friend's birthdays were just ok. Diwali celebration with(out) diya-crackers in hostel and campus with very few friends. I won't ever wish for such unforgettable diwali in my wildest dream.

And the best teacher's award goes to "Prof. Sasmit Patra (T&D)"

Best friend's award goes to "Soumita Ghosh"

Best enemy's award goes to "Prof. P. Dhal (SDM)"

Best horror show was "Pantaloon placement"

What I did in last six months:
OJT Presentation

  • Training and Development at JUSCO - 2010

Regular Class

  • Strategy Formulation Management [Core]
  • Negotiation Skills [Core]
  • Legal Aspects of Business [Core]
  • Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibilities [Core]
  • Sales and Distribution Management [Marketing]
  • Product and Brand Management [Marketing]
  • Labour Law [HR]
  • Training and Development [HR]

Placement Training

  • English Language
  • Business Communication
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • General Knowledge
  • General Awareness
  • Group Discussions
  • Personal Interviews


  • SFM : 4 Presentations
    • Internal Analysis
    • External Analysis
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Strategic Position
  • NS : 1 Presentation
  • SDM : 1 Presentation
    • Distribution System of Modern Bakery
  • BECSR : 2 Presentation
    • TATA- Code of Ethics
    • UN Millennium Development Goal
  • PBM : 1 Presentation
    • Amul- Brand Survey
  • LL : 1 Presentation
  • T & D : 1 Presentation
    • Comparative study of T&D models of BHEL, IOCL, EXCIDE, and JUSCO

Countless Case Studies


  • Canteen menu
  • Last minute changes (and last second email notices)
  • Strategy of placement department for major-minor

Thanks Giving:

Thank you my teachers for all good marks you gave me, cook @ canteen for serving good food occasionally, pani-poori wala (outside university gate) for saving me from the evergreen canteen brunch "bada", placement Dept. (especially Swetarupa Pattnaik) for last minute notices and incomplete JDs, and the last but not the least "my friends @KSOM".

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